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Home cinema

Welcome to the home cinema section of our site, this is where i can tell you about how you can get the cinema experiance in your own home without it costing the earth. 

All you really need is a wall large enough for the size screen you would like, coupled with a room that doesn't have light flooding in or windows you can lower the light through with either curtains of blinds (or perhaps you mainly watch tv/films or sports in the evening).

Do you have this space? Great! lets continue. 

items required:- 

1.  Screen. This can be:-    Permanently fixed as a frame, A pull down screen with no motor,            

                                             motorised with a remote or Triggered to drop when the projector turns on.

2. Projector. This can range depending on budget from a DLP, LCD of LASER type.

3. Audio. This can be a Soundbar or anything from a 5.1 Dolby Atmos system upwards to 13.2   

4. Speakers. These vary a lot depending on make/size/quality and quantity. a 5.1 system for instance                           will need a left/center/right/ surround left & right and a subwoofer.


Thats the main ingredients you will need to get you going. Connect your favourite equipment Sky/Virgin/BT/Gaming consoles/ Firesticks/DVD/Bluray/Videos or even that old Atari and Commodore 64 you have hiding in the loft and get that BIG SCREEN feeling.


Obviously on this information page i cant give you an exact price but as an example at this moment let's pretend you have a 120" electric screen, an Epson 4k projector and an awesome 5.1 Dolby Atmos surround kit. this would be pretty amazing and a great addition to any home around  £3500, this would be by no means a basic set up and of course could be reduced by using your own speakers lower grade projector etc. However i've opted to roughly price here as a good mid range set up so there is no disappointment.


Phone us if you would like a quote and ideas on how to make it work in your home.


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